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“Mother Energy” a Phillips new advertising campaign

“Mother Energy” is Phillips’ new advertising campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day in Argentina.

We liked this Phillips advertising campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day in Argentina. They have made an original proposal to collect the energy that mothers give in their day to day.

“Mother Energy” is the slogan of the Phillips campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day in Argentina, an original action that has surprised us. The Dutch multinational has proposed to collect the energy of Argentine mothers.

Energía de Madre de Phillips

There is usually a belief that a mother always has the energy to balance the care of a child with work, home and leisure. To pay tribute to them, Phillips has created templates for shoes that carry a built-in battery. As a result this battery is able to accumulate kinetic energy when the shoes are moved throughout the day.

These batteries accumulate in a “rack” interconnected between them to be able to channel all those small energies into a greater one. The recipient of this energy is the birth unit of an Argentine hospital where new mothers will give birth.

Thus, with “Mother Energy”, Phillips Argentina has “collected” the love of mothers to their children. An original initiative that can be follow via #EnergíaDeMadre in Social Networks.

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