Real Magic by Coca-Cola, the new global concept of the brand

The Hug de Coca-Cola | Real Magic

The multinational has modified its marketing strategy since 2016 to seek a more current vision of the world

Coca-Cola’s Real Magic is the new global brand concept that will guide future brand marketing actions. A movement by the multinational to adapt to society and youth trends.

The advertising and marketing strategies of the big brands must mutate and mold themselves to the rhythm of what the trends dictate. Adapt or die, they cannot afford to miss the train of the new generations.

For this, Coca-Cola has prepared a new concept that combines the magic that permeates everyday life and embodies its vision of the current world.

Real Magic by Coca-Cola bets on imagination and fantasy to combine the gamer universe and real life. Gaming, eSports, ogres, knights or cosplay are some of the elements that will make up the campaign. It is the first global marketing platform that the brand has launched since 2016 and that gathers the lessons learned from the last 18 months of the pandemic. Consumption habits, ways of communicating and our relationship with society have changed, and Coca-Cola wants to turn everyday life into something extraordinary.

According to Selma Careaga, president of the brand’s global category: “The world now needs more real magic than ever, that’s why we wanted to invite everyone to embrace the magic of humanity. With Real Magic we have built a new philosophy that it will guide what we do with our brand. It is an approach towards diversity, the individuality of the forms of expression and towards the democratization of our content. “

The Hug, the new visual identity of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s Real Magic concept comes with a renewed and revised visual identity. Entitled “The Hug” is a new take on the logo that is inspired by the shape of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. The new image will have a prominent role and will be used as a new visual signature.

To bring the “Real Magic” concept to life, we have collaborated with artists, photographers and illustrators. The idea is to seek an inclusive and collective gaze but at the same time individual and expressive. According to Manolo Arroyo, Chief Marketing Officer of The Coca-Cola Company: “Real Magic is much more than a slogan or a single campaign: it is a brand philosophy, for the long term, that will guide all our marketing and our communication actions of the Coca-Cola brand. “

Coca-Cola’s Real Magic concept has been unveiled with a global advertising campaign entitled “We’re Only One Coca-Cola Away.” The Coca-Cola advertisement made by the BETC WorldWide agency is a metaphor that reflects on what unites people and celebrates the common elements between humans. It stars 3 of the most recognized gamers in the world: DJ Alan Walker, Team Liquid’s Aerial Powers and Average Jonas. According to Stephanie Xiberras, President and Chief Creative Officer of the agency: “It is a campaign that also highlights the role of streamers in the world of gaming. Players’ bond with their avatars can be very strong. When you play for a long time with the same character it becomes a part of yourself. We have tried to explore this relationship in the film. “

La campaña de marketing de Coca-Cola en Twitch

The advertising campaign will also include digital and outdoor actions linked to Twitch. They will be encouraged to hunt down any of the 25 codes hidden in the advertisement with which participants can win game sessions with gamers. In addition, thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Brand Partnership Studio, an interactive streaming service, renowned gamers will unlock 10 more codes on their Twitch live streams.

Similarly, Coca-Cola has worked with Twitch to offer prizes to consumers who find and enter the hidden codes on a brand microsite that will be activated in participating countries. “To enter the world of video games, we have partnered with creators, gamers, Twitch and other collaborators to help us enter a different reality than what we have known until now. It is something really exciting.”

Sarah Looss, Head of Sales for America at Twitch, believes that this campaign will help demolish myths and false beliefs about the world of gaming. “It puts the gamer community at the center, moving away from that myth that exists that video games are a lonely practice. And there is a very emotional component in playing video games. As marketers we are trying to understand how they behave, when you have to focus on how they feel. All of that is beautifully reflected in this campaign. “

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