Absolut’s refreshing advertising campaign: “Born to Mix”

The brand promotes diversity in its summer campaign

Publicidad de Absolut | Born To Mix

Absolut’s advertising campaign immerses us in the refreshing world of cocktails.

Talking about Absolut is talking about a brand considered top in the world of advertising. His celebrated “Absolut Perfection” campaign is considered the longest-running advertising campaign in history. A graphic campaign that featured the participation of numerous artists including Andy Warhol.

But times change and the brand must adapt to the new times. To do this, it has explored new channels of communication such as this campaign that we are presenting to you, and which the brand says is the largest marketing initiative in more than ten years.

Absolut Campaign: World of Absolut Cocktails.

“The World of Absolute Cocktails. Born to Mix” is the title of Absolut’s advertising campaign. It has been created by Ogilvy and is a piece of more than three minutes in which we attend a party. In it, different characters personify the different cocktails we know: Bloody Mari, Cosmopolitan or Espresso Martini among others.

Absolut advert promotes diversity and inclusivity represented in cocktails. The copy of the piece reads: “Welcome to the world of Absolut cocktails. In this exclusive world, and at the same time inclusive, everything mixes: expression, personalities, friendship. The more we mix, the more things we create and the stronger we will be”.

According to Pam Forbus, General Marketing Director of Absolut: “Absolut is a brand that has always believed in mixing people, ideas and drinks as a proposal for a more open, free and fun world. The new campaign embodies that legacy and opens up new territory. for the brand that puts our most iconic and popular cocktails at the center.”

Absolut’s advertising campaign will reach television in 30-second pieces, as well as outdoor advertising and social networks. Absolut has launched a website where it offers the recipe for the main cocktails.

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