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Heineken’s funny campaign: «The Ghosted Bar»

Le Pub is the agency that carried out the action within the #workresponsibly campaign

Acción de Heineken | Don't Ghost Your Friends

Heineken’s campaign is part of the #workresponsibly campaign to make the population aware of the weather.

Heineken has launched a new piece within its #workresponsibly campaign. This initiative was started with the aim of raising awareness that those who spend a lot of time in the office working spend that time with their friends.

The search for a work-social life balance is the objective of the campaign, based on the study by the ADP Research Institute. This study concludes that workers around the world work an average of 9.2 hours of unpaid overtime per week.

“The Ghosted Bar” is the Heineken campaign carried out by the Le Pub agency in Singapore and Malaysia. It refers to the term “Ghosting” that is used in dating. Thus, Heineken wants to highlight not only a trend, but a very entrenched behavior. Being ghosted by a friend can hurt as much as dating.

The Heineken campaign simulates a ghost in a bar that moves objects such as glasses and chairs. Actually, these movements are from that person trapped in the office and avoiding spending leisure time with her friends at the bar.

The protagonist of this campaign is the Korean actor Park Hyung Sik. This teaser was posted on his instagram and it has received more than 7 million views. In it he showed these “paranormal” activities that were happening in a bar in Singapore. The campaign will feature 40 similar experiences in bars in Malaysia.

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