Who is the actor

Who is the actor in the Dior Homme 2022 commercial?

Actor del anuncio de Dior | Robert Pattinson

We meet the leading actor in the Dior Homme 2022 commercial

A few months ago the name of the actor who would be the new face of Dior for 2022 was revealed. The chosen one? Neither more nor less than the man of the moment: Robert Pattinson.

The busy life of the actor who killed him in 2008 with the Twilight saga has led him to play Batman himself in the movie that will be released this March: “The Batman”.

Robert Pattinson, the actor in the Dior Homme 2022 commercial.

Dior Homme commercial for 2022 is not far from other proposals in the sector. Exchange of glances, caresses and a lot of chemistry of the actor who is in a splendid moment. Dior Homme commercial actor Robert Pattinson shares campaign with model Camille Row.

Dior is delighted with the attitude of Robert Pattinson in his advertising campaign. He has started a campaign under the hashtag #DiorRob launching tweets like “Live free, fast and strong. Robert Pattinson for Dior Men’s fragrance. Stay tuned… #DiorRob”

After participating in the Twilight saga, Robert Pattinson has opted for lower-level roles. In them he could explore multiple interpretive facets to find his own style. The award has come in the form of playing Buce Wayne and Batman in “The Batman.”

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