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Aldi’s Christmas commercial is a tribute to “Home Alone”

The McCann UK agency has been in charge of Aldi's Christmas campaign

Anuncio de Navidad de Aldi | Kevin The Carrot

Aldi’s Christmas commercial is a parody of “Home Alone”, the popular Christmas movie.

The Christmas commercials continue to be released and one of the great players in the Christmas advertising scene has made an appearance: “Kevin the Carrot” returns with a new adventure in Aldi’s Christmas commercial.

The popular mascot of the German supermarket chain has been starring in Christmas advertising campaigns since 2016. A hallmark that the brand intends to market with the launch of “Kevin the Carrot” stuffed animals.

The Aldi Christmas commercial has been made by the McCann UK agency and is a parody of the popular film “Home Alone” released in 1990 and starring Macaulay Culkin.

This year the Carrot family intends to spend the Christmas holidays away from home. It isn’t until they are in the car that they realize the father, Kevin, is missing. Our protagonist is quietly watching World Cup matches in Qatar when he realizes that they want to break into his house.

According to Adam Zavalis, Aldi’s Marketing Director: “Christmas celebrates the joy of being with loved ones and this year more than ever we all need a little light entertainment as we celebrate the season together.”

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