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Alf returns as the protagonist of these commercials thanks to Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds recover the popular character thanks to his producer Maxium Effort

Alf regresa en anuncios publicitarios Ryan Reynolds

The popular alien Alf returns to star in some television commercials.

Alf returns 30 years after being one of the most successful characters in the 1980s and 1990s. Its premiere on NBC in 1986 at the height of the sit-com boom catapulted it into an iconic series around the world. He is now back and with the original voice of Paul Fusco, creator of Alf.

This is made possible by Ryan Reynolds. The popular actor owns Maximum Effort, a film production company and digital marketing agency that has supported different projects such as the “Deadpool” trilogy. Recently, the company has obtained the rights to Alf.

Alf returns in a series of commercials made for the Maximum Effort network, owned by Ryan Reynolds. The most beloved alien of the North American sit-coms returns to star in different commercials in the form of a sketch.

Ryan Reynolds shared the first few segments of these ads on his official YouTube channel, where Alf could be seen promoting products from Amazon, HIMS, Fubo, MNTN, Ring, and Mont Mobile. Most of these ads will premiere on the Maximum Effort channel as if it were a marathon of the most iconic moments of the character. Paul Fusco, the original creator and voice of Alf, will also return to bring the character back to life in this project.

According to Ryan Reynolds, in a statement: “At Maximum Effort we love to take risks and break the barriers between show and sponsorship, because we believe that both can be equally entertaining. Besides my love for Alf, one of the reasons we decided to license this series was because Paul, Shout! Studios and our brave brand partners wanted to collaborate with us to bring Alf back to life.”

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