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Allianz’s shocking advert against gender-based violence

Anuncio de Allianz Violencia de Genero

“The World’s Strongest Women” is the title of Allianz’s ad against gender-based violence.

Advertising is a channel that allows you to send a clear message against violence against women. A scourge that occurs in all countries of the world. Although there have been 43 murders in Spain in 2021, the lowest figure since data was collected, it is essential to continue working to eradicate this behavior from society.

Brands help with their advertising campaigns to give voice to those affected, like the Allianz Ireland campaign. In the Gaelic country, one in four women who have been in a relationship has suffered domestic abuse. To raise awareness about this issue, Allianz has launched a campaign as part of its new partnership with the NGO Women’s Aid.

“The World’s Strongest Women” is the title of Allianz’s advert against gender-based violence. It has been created by the agency In the Company of Huskies and focuses on four women who show real strength in the face of domestic abuse.

To represent it in a way that reaches the whole world, they use that force to make a simile with the world of sport. We see them squatting, breathing, getting up with determination as if it were an elite athlete. But what we see is a survival tactic, to stay away from the abuser and to gain strength to report him.

This campaign wants to pay tribute to those women who have incredible strength, both to survive and to ask for help from the NGO Women’s Aid.

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