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Ausonia’s emotional commercial: “We want to see you grow old”

The campaign is launched on the occasion of International Breast Cancer Day

Anuncio de Ausonia | Quiero verte envejecer

Ausonia’s commercial is an emotional piece that shows us how to value getting older.

Society, and especially women and young people, tend to reject and fear old age. Wrinkles, gray hair, baldness, sagging, and other physical changes that occur as we get older are cause for concern.

To prove how wrong they are, Ausonia has created this campaign in which we will see both sides: one more pessimistic about the passage of age and another more optimistic and vitalist.

“We want to see you grow old” is the title of the Ausonia commercial that invites women to lose the fear of aging. It is launched on the occasion of World Breast Cancer Day and has been created by the VMLY&R agency.

The piece consists of recording the reaction of several women when they show themselves how they would be a few years from now. Thanks to an aged-looking phone filter, we are seeing how the reactions from the first women are negative.

Later, the same experiment was done but with women who were breast cancer survivors. Showing the same filter and under the same conditions, they showed positive reactions due to the fact of being able to become older and age.

Ausonia’s announcement is an invitation to post your aging photos with the hashtag #QuieroVerteEnvejecer. For every photo that users take with the application, Ausonia will allocate one minute to research by the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

According to José Manuel Martín Martín, Director of Communication at Ausonia: “The objective of this campaign is to generate conversation about the importance of taking care of your health and reducing your fear of aging. In addition, having Marta, a brave breast cancer survivor, to Sharing their inspiring story and helping us spread the message has been a privilege.”

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