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The BBC’s spectacular commercial for the Tokyo Olympics

Anuncio de la BBC para los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio

The BBC’s commercial for the Tokyo Olympics is a spectacular piece that combines Japanese culture with references to Olympic sports.

The Tokyo Olympics are approaching and there is less left for the most followed event on the planet to take place. A controversial Olympic Games since most of the population and scientific community reject it due to the high incidence of Covid19 in the country.

But as long as the IOC does not decide otherwise, the Olympics will be held under strict security regulations. What is not so clear is the position that the sponsors will take in this situation. At the moment, those who are launching their promotions are the networks in charge of broadcasting the Tokyo Olympic Games. We recently saw the spectacular France TV commercial with a fantastic Japanese-style animated piece and now it is the turn of the British channel BBC.

The BBC’s commercial for the Tokyo Olympics.

The BBC’s advertisement for the Tokyo Olympics has been created by Nexus Studio and Factory Fifteen. In it we find a spectacular and vibrant composition, which combines the culture of the Japanese country with references to Olympic sports. The piece immerses us in Tokyo through the street signs, the tiny shops, the arcades, the Gashapon room, a bedroom of a bike fanatic and a music video in the style of J-Pop. The goal is to celebrate the diversity of the city and the most eclectic sporting event in the world.

The aesthetics of the BBC’s advertisement for the Olympic Games are inspired by Japanese anime and video games. According to Tim Jones, BBC Creative Director: “Creating something with so much detail was incredibly complex and fun. Every frame of the film is rich in detail, completely immersing our audience in Tokyo.”

The designs have been made by Japanese artist Fantasista Utamaro, who helped weave more than 50 Easter eggs hidden in the advertisement. According to a campaign statement: “We are working with the BBC to reward repeat plays with the most hidden narrative. Watching it for the twentieth time, you will probably see a reference that you have not noticed before, including the BBC expert feature.” .

The music has been created by anime composer Kenji Kawai, known for performing the soundtrack to Ghost in the Shell and Patlabor.

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