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The five best commercials of Volvo Trucks

Best Commercials of Volvo Trucks

Crazy, amazing and spectacular advertising campaigns. We list the top five best commercials of Volvo Trucks.

Volvo Trucks advertising campaigns are often highly anticipated by consumers. They are surprising advertising campaigns, with a recklessness component that the audience likes. And is that the truck division of Volvo decided to stand out at the communication level of the sobriety and elegance of the car division. A success, seen in perspective.

Volvo Trucks communication took advantage of globality. Their campaigns were made to become viral and for that they had to have very crazy ideas. Each new truck model tested its latest technology to the limit. Thus we have seen a hamster turning the wheel of the truck, Van Damme relying on smooth driving and stacking all trucks in his most spectacular advertising campaign at The Tower.

That’s why in telling, advertising agency we have decided to make a top five of the best commercials of Volvo Trucks.

5. The Casino

We started with “The Casino” as the fifth best advertising campaign for Volvo Trucks. In this action, Volvo’s jokes to a nice valet in San Remo. Via hidden camera, we continue the first day of work of Ambrodgio Adani in the Casino of San Remo.

4. The Flying Passenger

In fourth position, “The Flying Passenger”. To demonstrate the precision and performance of the engine thanks to the I-Shift Duel Clutch technology of the gearbox, they made a test with a professional paraglider attached to the back of the truck. The challenge was to keep the paraglider in flight and for this the driver had to maintain a constant speed despite the twisted and mountainous roads.

3. The Hamster Stunt

The Volvo Trucks experiment and the hamster that was carried out in Ourense is the third best commercials of Volvo Trucks. The reason, demonstrate the smoothness and precision of the brand management system. To do this, Volvo Trucks placed a wheel of this kind of animals on the steering wheel so that, guided by a carrot, the Volvo Trucks hamster is turning to one side and another chasing its objective.

2.  The Tower

In second position we have the spectacular “The Tower”. The commercial of Volvo Trucks to present the new models of the Swedish brand. To announce it, a tower measuring 15 meters high and weighing 58 tons has decided to make it. To demonstrate that it is real, the same company president, Roger Alm, climbed on top of the tower.

1. Epic Split

And as the best commercial of Volvo Trucks, we have “Epic Split”. What to say about one of the best spots of all time, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. It became the second best spot of the decade in our special and was a real revolution when it appeared. Monopolized numerous awards at advertising festivals as well as the applause of criticism and consumer approval.

Via | Best Volvo Trucks Commercials in YouTube.



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