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The best LGBTQ commercials and Pride movement.

Best LGBTQ Commercials

We list the best LGBTQ commercials and Pride movement.

Brands have been naturally embracing the LGBTQ collective and the Pride movement. Values such as inclusivity, consistency and authenticity are very sweet to brands. And not only because this movement represents 3$ million in purchasing power, but because 54% of Millennials say they prefer to buy brands aware of the LGBTQ movement before others that do not focus on equality.

Step by step we have seen how brands turn to advertising, marketing and sponsorship campaigns. Especially Pride Day, which is celebrated every June 28 to commemorate the Stonewall riots in 1969. The raids carried out by the police in the popular New York bar and the consequences suffered by the group led to a wave of spontaneous demonstrations and violent for the first time in favor of the community.

Society is changing to become more sustainable, egalitarian and inclusive, and with it brands, who have not hesitated to offer large advertising campaigns to raise awareness in the rest of the world. Today we are going to review the best LGBTQ commercials and the Pride movement.

5. Virgin – What if we treated straight couples like we treat gay couples on holiday?

We start with the Virgin Holidays ad, which asks us the following question: What would happen if heterosexual couples were treated as a homosexual couple? and they tell us about a series of absurd situations that are generated by third parties, who fail to normalize the situation.

4. Starbucks – “Every name’s a story”

The Starbucks commercial tells the story of James, a boy who is making his way through the transition process but everyone keeps calling him by name: Jemma. Until you decide to take the step to use your new name, and you do it at a Starbucks, where you can put whatever name you want on the personalized glass.

3. Kodak – Understanding

Kodak’s commercial tells the story of a family and a father’s reaction to discovering that his son is gay. When the little sister finds the protagonist kissing her boyfriend, a situation of tension begins between the teenager and his father, until he understands the situation and accompanies him in his decision.

2. Oreo – Proud Parent

The Oreo commecial shows Jen and Amy meeting Jen’s parents for the first time. Upon arrival, her father is uncomfortable and insecure. As the days go by, the father meditates on what would be the best attitude towards his daughter. In the end, he finds a way to show his love and pride for his daughter with a touching gesture.

1. Sprite – No estas Solx

Sprite’s “You are not alone” is for us the best LGBTQ commercial and Pride movement. In it we see how family and friends of people from the LGBTQ collective help them prepare to attend the Pride March in Buenos Aires. Different everyday situations that close with a powerful message: “Pride: What you feel when someone you love chooses to be happy.”


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