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“The breast cancer alphabet” aims to raise awareness about cancer

The agency TBWA\NEBOKO has been in charge of the advertising campaign

El alfabeto del cáncer de mama

“The alphabet of breast cancer” is made in 3D to raise awareness among the youngest about this disease.

Breast cancer is the most common among women. In Holland, for example, more than 17,000 women are diagnosed by only 100 men. 25% of these diagnosed people are under 50 years old, an alarming fact that urges us to make this disease known to the younger population.

To remedy this, the Breast Care Foundation and the Alexander Monro Hospital have developed an alphabet where each of the letters refers to the different factors that affect the development of breast cancer.

The breast cancer alphabet

“Breast Cancer Alphabet” is the title of the campaign carried out by the agency TBWA\NEBOKO for the Breast Care Foundation and the Alexander Monro Hospital. And an investigation carried out by the hospital shows alarming data: 1 in 5 women never checks their breasts. Furthermore, 84% of those surveyed only know how to detect one symptom of breast cancer: the lump. They do not know that there are other possible signals that can be detected with the naked eye.

The breast cancer alphabet is a representation of all the letters of the alphabet made in 3D. All the images have different symptoms related to breast cancer and are compiled on a web page where all the symptoms are explained. Posters and brochures have also been distributed to more than 600 medical centers in the Netherlands.

According to Marjolein de Jong, president of Alexander Monro Hospital and founder of the Breast Care Foundation: “We see many young patients undergoing treatment at an advanced stage of the disease with very aggressive forms of cancer. For this reason, awareness and education about the “Breast cancer are particularly important among young adults. The sooner we diagnose and treat sufferers, the better their chances of recovery.”

For their part, Hannah Sterke and Nina Mispelblom Beijer, creatives at TBWA\NEBOKO, commented: “In the course of our research we discovered that very few people are familiar with the symptoms of breast cancer. We all know the infamous lump, but there are many others symptoms and factors to pay attention to. Enough, in fact, to create a complete alphabet. This alphabet is a tool accessible to all women and men in the Netherlands and we hope it will help detect the disease at earlier stages.”

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