Burger King’s new visual identity, a “sustainable” new logo

Nuevo logotipo de Burger King

Burger King’s new visual identity is inspired by the logo that the brand had from 1969 to 1999.

Burger King starts 2021 wanting to change. Already in 2020 he started a few small steps with a delirious campaign entitled “Cows Menu” and they gave us one of the best advertising campaigns of 2020 with “Moldy Whopper”. In it we saw the decomposition process of a hamburger for 34 days. But the pandemic arrived and abruptly truncated the company’s communication plan.

Now the brand continues with this turn in its communication to focus on the quality of its products. The campaign had more than 8 billion organic impressions around the world and generated a positive conversation about the brand and its shift towards food transparency and sustainability. To continue with this line, they have presented their renewed corporate image.

Burger King’s new visual identity is inspired by the logo that the brand used from 1969 to 1999. It was created for two years by the Jones Knowles Ritchie agency and arose from the need to adapt to new media and supports. The current logo was not optimized for a satisfying digital and mobile experience.

According to Fernando Machado, Global CMO of Restauran Brands International: “The original source of inspiration was the logo that we had from 69 to 99. The main difference is that we adjusted the color to make it more vibrant and more similar to the colors of food And we adjusted the proportions of the bun to resemble the products we sell. The platter is delicious and round, just like our food. “

The most motivating factor in creating Burger King’s new visual identity has been the company’s change towards transparency and sustainability. “We are making serious commitments around sustainability and enhancing the experience, especially the digital experience. Because we are going through that transformation, we wanted the design to basically tell people what has changed.”

Burger King’s corporate makeover will take place in 2021 globally and at all levels of the company.


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