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Festival Bottle, a Coca-Cola campaign to reconnect with Romanian Teens

Festival Bottle its the new Coca-Cola campaign to reconnect with Rumanian Teens on their ground.

Awareness about sugar consumption is a trend that is hurting corporate sugary drinks. More and more new generations choose with criteria those products and drinks that they use in their habitual diet.

Although the efforts of multinationals to eliminate sugar from their products while maintaining the flavor, it is true that the advertising made in all this time has contributed to associated they brand image to sugar.

Now all campaigns are aimed at regaining consumer confidence in their products. An example is the latest Coca-Cola campaign to reconnect with Rumanian Teens on their ground.

The American multinational detected that in Romania 40% of the young people had not tried the drink in the last month. So was proposed to launch a campaign to reconnect with the collective.

They detect that many of the young people went to one or several summer festivals during. And they launched the ‘Festival Bottle’, a 500 ml bottle. With bracelets on their label. These bracelets allowed access to some of the most important summer festivals in the country.


So, just scan the barcode with a mobile app to see if it was awarded. If so, the entry was already valid to enter the premises. A Coca-Cola campaign that gave him quite good results.



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