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Chipotle advert recalls its successful “Back to Start” campaign

Anuncio de Chipotle | A Future Begins

The Chipotle advert wants to vindicate the importance of sustainable agriculture with “A Future Begins.”

Chipotle, the Mexican food restaurant chain, swept 2012 with its “Back to Start” advertising campaign. That piece encouraged us to cultivate a better world after learning how a farmer turned his farm into a factory for industrial animals and he regretted it. The careful staging, art direction, music and message earned him two Grand Prix wins at Cannes Lions 2012.

Now, Chipotle is back with a continuation of that successful campaign to raise awareness about the future and sustainability again.

“A Future Begins” is the title of the Chipotle advert. It has been made by the Observatory agency, produced by Nexus Studios and directed by John Kelly, creator of the previous campaign. They introduce us to the story of Chipotle Dad, who is old enough to take over a farm that is sustainable but not profitable. To the rescue comes his son who has chosen to be a university professor thanks to the efforts of his parents; that he redoubled efforts to cultivate in a sustainable way.

Chipotle emphasizes the importance of sustainable agriculture and does so by comparing two farms; one that practices respectful with the environment and another in which they grow with chemical products. “Supporting our farmers and the future of real food” is the message that the restaurant chain leaves at the end of the advert.

Chipotle’s advert has Coldplay’s song “Fix You” as the soundtrack, following the vein of “Back to Start”, which featured the song “The Scientist” by the same group. This time there has been a version by the Grammy-winning singer Kacey Musgraves.

To make the Chipotle advert, ten scenarios and 82 different characters made with resin and animated using the Stop Motion technique were needed. According to John Kelly, director of the piece: “I have loved making this sequel. I still love the simplicity of Back to the start, but ten years have passed and the world is more complex, to put it mildly, so redo that one. “The film would have been reductionist. For the message to work in 2021 we needed more complexity and scale. More nuances, More geographical authenticity. And more intensity. Ultimately, in any case, the two stories complement each other.”

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