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A funny Christmas ad of Intermarche: J’ai tant rêvé

A fun and emotional Christmas ad of Intermarché puts Santa on a diet.

It seems that this year the creatives are working hard to end the year. After seeing the Christmas ads of the traditional brands such as John Lewis, Lotteries, Sainsbury’s and Debenhams now we have new Christmas ad from the “minor” companies.

This is how we are discovering more Christmas ads that have nothing to envy to those previously nominated. Brands are adding creativity to their campaigns and are not limited to showing products or discounts. Now they make a great storytelling to offer us new funny, emotional and original stories.

Anuncio de Navidad de Intermarche

This is the case of the Christmas ad of Intermarché in France entitled “J’ai tant rêvé”. It is not necessary to observe that these holidays have been wrapped in sugar, sweets and lots of food. This is how they have proposed to put Santa on a diet to fit through the chimneys.

The protagonists are a boy and his older sister who prepare all kinds of dishes with the goal that Santa Claus ate more eating vegetables and fish. In this way, the French supermarket chain maintains its line of communication in favor of a healthier diet globally.

A good way to tell a Christmas story and encourage children to eat healthier. The final turn of the Intermarché Christmas announcement is of those that remain engraved on our retina.

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