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The emotional Christmas advert from the Norwegian Postal Service

The Pol agency has been in charge of the Christmas campaign

Anuncio de Navidad del Servicio Postal Noruego

The Norwegian Postal Service Christmas ad is an emotional story of Santa Claus and the Earth.

If anyone cares for Christmas commercials, those are the northern countries. And it is not for less, Sweden, Finland and Norway are next to Lapland, where Santa Claus has his headquarters. And Christmas is definitely his time of the year.

This is noticeable when carrying out the Christmas campaigns and the piece at hand. This is the Norwegian Postal Service Christmas advertisement “Posten”, which narrates a special relationship between Santa Claus and the Earth.

“Father Christmas and Mother Earth” is the title of the Norwegian Postal Service’s Christmas commercial “Posten”. It has been carried out by the Pol agency, based in Oslo and focuses on the environmental prejudices caused by some Christmas habits.

Posten’s advertising campaign is a 4-minute short film that illustrates with images the writing of a letter by a man. The story takes place in an idyllic Norwegian setting and is a love story between two mature people. They are made for each other but because they have a common purpose: to take care of the children.

This couple is an analogy of Santa Claus and the Earth. They discuss her differences, she reproaches him for valuing material things and excessive consumption; He rebukes him with all those things he hates. After a fight, he writes her a letter to ask her for forgiveness and to come back.

In the final overprint we are warned: “Mother Earth has no more opportunities to give” to later announce that the largest companies in Norway have reduced their polluting emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

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