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The Coca-Cola campaign that invites us to reflect: “Open”

Campaña de Coca-Cola | Open

The new Coca-Cola campaign invites us to reflect and promote union

Coca-Cola is always a brand that has always been encouraging the population. He is the “coach” of consumers, that brand that tells us that everything is worth it. It is a brand that whenever there has been a crisis, has launched a campaign of encouragement. We all remember that fantastic “Reasons for believing in a better world” that we place in the n.2 position of the best Coca-Cola ads. Or “Te tocó nacer acá” that wanted to lift the spirits of the Argentine country.

Now, at a time where trolls, negative comments, discussions and Trump are on the internet, the brand has wanted to put a point of sanity. For this, it has launched a global campaign that invites us to reflect on everything we are doing.

“Open” is the Coca-Cola campaign created by the Wieden + Kennedy London agency. One of the peculiarities is that you could only see if you scanned a barcode in the limited edition cans that the brand had launched for the occasion.

The ad wants us to avoid discussing everything and accept that sometimes we are not right. “What if I am the one who is wrong?” It is the final campaign motto to raise consumer awareness that sometimes, giving in may be better for everyone.

One of the known faces of the spot is the actress Natasha Lyonne, protagonist of the series “Orange is the New Black” and that makes it clear that “Everything is better when we are open”.

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