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Coca-Cola’s Christmas advert: “The world needs more Santas”

The Open X agency, from the WPP group, has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Navidad de Coca-Cola | The World Need More Santas

Coca-Cola’s Christmas advert shows us that there are never too many Santa Clauses in the world.

The Legend talk about Santa Claus is red thanks to Coca-Cola, which changed him for its advertising campaigns. Whether true or not, the truth is that if there is a brand that is synonymous with Christmas, it is Coca-Cola.

Their Christmas campaigns have always been among the most anticipated and they never disappoint. To the now classic truck advertisements we could add the exciting “The Letter” or “Christmas always finds a way.” This year they show us that there are never too many Santas in the world.

“The World Needs More Santas” is the title of the Coca-Cola Christmas advert made by the Open X agency, a unit of the WPP group that manages the Coca-Cola account.

And if before we talked about how Santa Claus wears red thanks to Coca-Cola, this color is dominant in the American multinational’s advertising piece. A cozy city where all its inhabitants are Santa Claus who show kindness and favors to each other.

Coca-Cola’s Christmas advert ends with all the Santa Clauses turning into normal people. What we have seen has been all that kindness, generosity and desires that we all have within us; a potential Santa Claus within us.

According to Islam ElDessouki, Global Director of Brand Creativity and Content at Coca-Cola: “The campaign is based on the idea that through acts of kindness and generosity we can all transform into our inner Santa Claus. Kindness is one of the fundamental values to which Coca-Cola is associated and has long been a guide in brand communication.”

The campaign will be broadcast globally in 88 countries, including Spain.

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