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Coca-Cola’s Christmas commercial encourages us to share these holidays

Anuncio de Navidad de Coca-Cola 2021

Coca-Cola’s Christmas commercial is back after shaking up the networks last year.

After revolutionizing the networks and becoming the best advertisement of Christmas 2021, Coca-Cola returns to bring us a tender love story in a community of neighbors.

In September Coca-Cola presented its new marketing and communication platform. Titled “Real Magic”, it encouraged us to celebrate the magic that permeates our everyday lives. A concept that they apply to this year’s Christmas commercial.

“Real Magic This Christmas” is the title of Coca-Cola’s Christmas commercial. It has been premiered in Mexico and tells us the story of a single-parent family who have moved to a new apartment. The little boy detects that one of the neighbors is an older woman who does not relate to the others. When Christmas arrives, the little one intends to surprise him.

Noticing that there is no fireplace, he manages to create a fictional one based on cardboard boxes. Given the enthusiasm of the little one, the neighbors begin to help him until they create a fireplace that connects directly with the old lady’s window. When Christmas arrives, they launch a package with a message inside: “We are waiting for you.”

Coca-Cola’s Christmas commercial wants to convey a message of unity, community, cooperation and collaboration in the face of the Christmas season. All to the rhythm of the iconic “Mary Poppins” soundtrack that concludes with a message: “Christmas is magical when we share it.”

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