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Coca-Cola’s emotional commercial for the Chinese New Year

La multinacional americana no falla en su cita anual para celebrar el año nuevo Chino.

Anuncio de Coca-Cola | "Celebrating Together is Magic"

“Celebrating Together is Magic” is the title of Coca-Cola’s commercial for the Chinese New Year, called the Year of the Metal Tiger.

After the Christmas hangover and the launch of their Christmas campaigns, brands are taking a breather to face 2023. But these global brands cannot afford to congratulate the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated on Saturday, January 28.

This is the case of Coca-Cola which, like every year, launches a global campaign given the importance of the festivity. This year marks the year of the Metal Tiger, considered a symbol of bravery, courage and determination.

“Celebrating Together is Magic” is the title of Coca-Cola’s commercial for the Chinese New Year. An animated piece of enormous beauty that represents the typical customs of that day.

Thus, we see a mother rabbit who, while preparing some delicious dumplings, remembers when they used to celebrate the festival at home. This time, it is her turn to go to her son’s house to be with him and her family.

Upon arriving at the house, he realizes that all the food is already prepared and prepared on the table; realizing that the times when she prepared everything, have passed. Her sadness turns into happiness when both mother and son share a Coca-Cola as before.

The Coca-Cola ad ends with the message “Chinese New Year may change, but celebrating together is magic.” a clear allusion to the fact that times change and we must adapt to them; not without leaving aside our happiness.

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