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Coca-Cola Offside: Sports journalism and women

Coca-Cola Offside is an initiative in the United Arab Emirates to reclaim the role of women in sports journalism.

In the Middle East, an authentic revolution is taking place. Young women push hard to change customs rooted in the Arab countries, traditionally male chauvinist. This opening of society, pushed by the demand of the new generations is breaking all kinds of barriers. The brands want to be well positioned for when the new generations embrace change. Audi recently reminded us that women could already drive in Saudi Arabia. And Coca-Cola wanted to claim sports journalism.

With a Branded Content strategy called Coca-Cola Offside, they want to tackle a historically masculine sector: football. And is that in all the gatherings, stories, special programs and derivatives, the figure of women is purely anecdotal, with a handful of programs have one in their direct. And this at European level, let alone in the Middle East, practically non-existent.

That’s why we celebrate this initiative. Coca-Cola Offside is a program that reviews the news, analyzes and narrates the most interesting matches. Always putting the focus on Asian and Middle Eastern football, but without neglecting the major European leagues. When will we see something like that on general television?

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