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“Magic”, a romantic story in the last Cornetto ad

Cornetto ad: Magic

The last Cornetto ad invites us not to complicate our lives if we want to meet someone special.

The Cornetto ad entitled “Magic” presents a romantic love story in an high school. And invites us not to complicate our lives if we want to meet that person we like.

How many times have we tried to impress the girl/boy that we like? How many random encounters have we caused and how many empty phrases have we exchanged with that person we liked in high school?

It is the story of the protagonist of the last announcement of Cornetto. A magic enthusiast who wants to impress the girl he likes by boring magic tricks. But insist so much produces the opposite effect. Even so, the boy continues trying, observed by one of the institute’s teacher.

On the night of the school dance, the boy prepares all the arsenal of tricks willing to conquer the girl. But the teacher interrupts him to give the most simple and final solution of all. The possibility of sharing a Cornetto.

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