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The Corona commercial eliminates the stereotypes of the cinema about Mexico

The campaign has been created by the Gut agency and premiered during the Oscars

Anuncio de Corona | Unfilter Mexico

“Unfilter México” is the title of the Corona ad that aims to remove the yellow filter to represent Mexico.

In Hollywood, scenes showing locations in Mexico, the Middle East or India are often represented with a yellow filter. A trick to accentuate the sensation of heat, risk and danger of these territories.

Film after film, the “Yellow Filter” as it is known in the world has become a topic that distorts the perception of the territory. To vindicate it, the Mexican beer brand Corona has carried out this advertising campaign; which aims to educate new filmmakers to stop using said filter.

“Unfilter México” is the title of the Corona commercial made by the Gut agency. It stars Emmanuel Chivo Lubezki, the famous Mexican cinematographer who has won an Oscar in three editions.

The director puts us in the situation of how Mexico is represented in Hollywood movies. This yellow filter represents heat, risk and danger; and encourages the new directors to eliminate the filters to represent the Central American country.

The Corona commercial shows us images of the desert and Mexico City and the difference in tonality when the filter is used and when it is not. The director claims that removing the yellow filter would show the variety of colors in the country. The piece ends with the vindicating message: “Let’s leave yellow only for beer.”

Emmanuel Chivo Lubezki commented on the campaign: “I remember walking down the streets and wondering if there is anywhere else in the world with such a vast color palette. Adding a yellow filter deprives the audience of experiencing something so much more beautiful.”

For her part, Yune Aranguren, Director of Corona, commented: “Mexico is an authentic country, full of nuances. It is so rich and diverse that it deserves to be portrayed without any type of distortion. From Corona we invite you to eliminate a filter that does not do justice to the beauty of our Mexico and thus allow the true essence of our country to be seen in the world as it is, full of color.”

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