Dance in advertising: The best dance adverts in history.

We remember the best advertising campaigns with dance as the protagonist

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Advertising and dance, a list of the best dancing ads throughout history.

Dance or dancing is one of the oldest arts of mankind. Although it was practiced long before, the Greeks were the first to recognize dance as an art. This form of expression that combines movement of the body to the sound of music has evolved over time, being perfectly recognized by all.

And the thing is… who doesn’t like to dance? Who else and who least has moved some part of her body when she has started listening to music. Creatives know this and have not hesitated to use dance to achieve an emotional bond with the consumer in their advertising campaigns.

That is why today we are going to review the dance in advertising. The evolution of dance and the fusion of styles over time have left us with memorable advertising campaigns. We are going to know the best dance adverts that have been made in advertising campaigns.

Volkswagen – “Singin’ in the rain”

In 2005, the Volkswagen advert was one of the pioneers in the use of dance in advertising. It marked a turning point away from the classic advertisements of the late 1990s and early 2000s. The tagline, “The New Golf GTI. The Original, Updated” served as the basis for revising the 1952 Gene Kelly classic “Singin ‘In The Rain”. The ad remixed the famous dance scene with a track created by DJ Mint Royale.

Blueberry – “Singin’ in the rain”

We continue with another announcement that has the theme of “Singin’ in the rain” as the protagonist. We are talking about the announcement that Blueberry launched in 2020 to present its new collection. Under the title of the phrase by the brand’s dressmaker Riccardo Tisci “It’s about that fearless spirit and imagination when pushing boundaries”, the brand presents us with a choreography created by (La) Horde to the rhythm of the new version of the classic.

Kenzo – Kenzo World

For some time now, perfume advertisements have been repeating the pattern until they have become clones of themselves. In 2016, however, Kenzo surprised everyone with this unclassifiable advertisement and was a breath of fresh air for the perfume advertising sector. Made by director Spike Jonze, the protagonist Margaret Qualley plays the classic prototype of a perfume spot model. At one point she decides to leave the room and that’s when the spot unleashes a very expressive choreography to the rhythm of “Mutant Brian“, by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums feat Assassin created by Ryan Heffington.

Apple Welcome Home

One of the ad campaigns that owes the most to Kenzo’s ad is “Apple’s Welcome Home.” The brand showed us its new product, the HomePod, and it did so with an ad directed by the director himself: Spike Jonze. This campaign followed the trend of Kenzo’s but applying a very impressive visual layer. The protagonist is the British dancer FKA twigs and the choreography was carried out by Ryan Heffington, who was also responsible for the dance in the Kenzo advert.

Levis – “Circles”

One of the brands that has used dance the most in advertising has been Levi’s. In 2017, the popular American fashion brand launched some of the best ads of the year. Entitled “Circles”, it showed us different dances in different parts of the world. Set to the Jain artist’s song “Makeba,” the ad was praised by viewers for the way it celebrated both individual and community expression.

Coca-Cola – “Open that Coca-Cola”

Another brand that uses the dance in advertising is Coca-Cola. The optimistic sense that the brand imprints on Coca-Cola’s marketing and advertising strategy has led it to use dance as a way of expressing happiness. In 2021 they launched this campaign to try to express those universal and non-verbal reactions that you feel when opening a Coca-Cola and they did it with the help of the artist “Tyler, The Creator”. His song wants to evoke those dances that are most successful on Tik Tok.

Parkinson France – Parker

One of the most current advertising campaigns that have made use of dance has been carried out by the NGO Parkinson France. “Parker” is the title of the advertisement launched in 2022 with the idea of recreating the problems caused by Parkinson’s through dance and dancing. Thus, the fluid movements of the dance recreate the problems of the protagonist to carry out basic actions in her house. To the rhythm of “Oasis” by the artist “La Chica”, the choreographer Alejandra Capello devises a dance that recounts the impossibility of moving correctly due to Parkinson’s.

Ausonia – “Ballerinas”

Ausonia, the brand of feminine and masculine hygiene products, launched a new pad with a No Odor system. “The first compress with which you will feel doubly safe” was the slogan of the advertisement that, through a choreography, wants to demonstrate its effectiveness. “Dancers” is a “torture-test”, in which three pairs of dancers perform extreme dance postures in a metaphor of Ausonia and her “No Odor System”.

Evian – “Baby & Me”

One of the most popular commercials that make use of the dance is Evian’s “Baby & Me” in 2013. The bottled water brand used its slogan “Live Young” and launched this funny ad created by the BETC Paris agency with children as protagonists. To the rhythm of the version of “Here comes the Hotstepper” by Ini Kamoze, covered by DJ Yuksek, the commercial became viral throughout the world.

Microsoft – “Movement”

The rise of ultra-portable technological products such as ipads, tablets and small computers was fertile ground for advertising with dance as the protagonist. In 2012, Microsoft released “Surface”, a device that was an ultra-slim notebook that doubled as a tablet. To demonstrate such “lightness” he premiered “Movement”, an ad created by the D2DIO agency and directed by Jon M. Chu. Choreography was provided by Christopher Scott and Jamal Sims and music by “The Bangerz.”

T-Mobile – “Life’s for sharing”

And to finish our special report on dancing in advertising: the Flashmob carried out by T-Mobile at Liverpool Street Station in 2009. At a time when Flashmobs and Lipdubs were in fashion, the German telecommunications company presented its new phones in a peculiar way. Under the slogan “Life’s for sharing” they devised a spectacular flash mob at Liverpool’s “Street Station”. More than 350 people gathered to put together this spectacular video.



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