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Decathlon’s Christmas advert: “Where sport becomes reality”

Ogilvy Madrid launches the brand's global campaign, which will debut in 26 countries.

Anuncio de Navidad de Decathlon | Donde el deporte se hace realidad

Decathlon’s Christmas advert is a story that highlights the brand’s innovation when launching its products.

Without a doubt, some of the star gifts this Christmas will come from Decathlon. The French multinational knows this and has taken advantage of its Christmas campaign to highlight the conception process of its products, the passion of its teams and the emotions that lead them to create a product.

Decathlon’s Christmas campaign has been carried out by the Ogilvy Madrid agency and will premiere in 26 countries between Europe and Latin America.

“Where sport comes true” is the title of Decathlon’s Christmas advert. It was made by the Ogilvy Madrid agency, produced by Blur Films and directed by Víctor Aguilar López and Eric Ruiz Morales.

The piece shows three key stages that Decathlon carries out when creating its products: Observation, conception and development. The brand aims to find a combination of emotion and tenacity to carry out its Christmas campaign.

Thus, we see how a child makes a paper sketch of some Christmas skates. During a walk, he loses this paper, which ends up in the hands of a designer at Decathlon. Inspired by the little one’s drawing, she shapes that skate to make it a reality. When she finishes, we see that the idea was not for the child, but to give it to his big sister.

According to Jesús Rasines, executive creative director of Ogilvy Madrid, in a statement: “This story responds to the main challenge we had: to value the culture of innovation and product creation carried out by Decathlon and connect all of this to the spirit and character typical of Christmas.”

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