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Disney’s commercial commemorate its 100th anniversary

The company begins the year of its 100th anniversary by reviewing its legacy

Anuncio de Disney | 100 aniversario

Disney’s commercial commemorates its 100th anniversary by highlighting its strength and vision for the future.

Disney celebrates 100 years. Walt Disney wasn’t think when they founded the studio in 1923 to compete against Fleischer Studios, which in 2023 would be the most important studio in the entertainment industry.

To celebrate, they have started 2023 with an emotional spot broadcast during the Super Bowl. The campaign marks the starting signal for all the events that the company has planned for this year.

The Disney commercial is titled “Disney 100 Special Look.” It is a retrospective of the company and the changes it has experienced during this time. In the piece we see girls and boys dressed as classic Disney characters; as well as new company acquisitions such as Star Wars or Marvel.

The voice of Walt Disney is one of the narrators in the ad; which expresses gratitude to all the artists and workers for carrying the brand to this day. The Disney ad intersperses the legendary Micky Mouse short “Steamboat Willie” to scenes from his latest film: “Avatar.”

According to Bob Iger, CEO of Disney: “On our 100th anniversary we remember the legacy of Walt Disney and the pursuit of excellence that continues to drive the company. We are grateful to generations of people for being part of our history. Disney100 is a celebration to all of our fans and families; to our storytellers and creative visionaries whose talents and imaginations have created the magical moments that make Disney such an enduring part of global culture.”

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