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Dove commercial bets on real beauty in video games

The Lola MullenLowe agency continues with the initiative launched in 2022

Anuncio de Dove | Chintia's Battle | Real Virtual Beauty

Dove’s commercial follows the campaign to faithfully represent women in video games.

In the world of video games and gaming, 74% of women do not feel represented in female characters. It’s a sector that has historically hypersexualized them, and despite the fact that strong female characters are proliferating lately, when it comes to choosing the heroine in a service game, the options remain the same as always.

It is a new battle that Dove wants to lead, and it already started in 2022 with “Real Virtual Beauty”, a campaign that continues this year and that has the collaboration of Unreal Studio and Women in Games.

Dove’s Commercial – Cinthia’s Battle

Dove’s commercial is titled “Cinthia’s Battle” and is another installment of “Real Virtual Beauty”, the campaign that aims to avoid the hypersexualization of female characters in video games in pursuit of avatars that are more faithful to reality.

The campaign, the work of the Lola MullenLowe agency, presents us with a video game heroine dressed as a typical warrior: a tight armor that highlights the curves to appear more sexy. This one defeats an enemy but it doesn’t take us long to realize that they are acting. When she is there, she goes to the dressing room, she strips off all her clothes to show herself as she really is. She is tired of always dressing the same, when she has to return to the fold she does it with her most natural appearance.

Dove’s commercial and “Real Virtual Beauty” campaign is supported by Unreal Engine, the most famous tool for creating video games. The British organization “Women in Games”, dedicated to protecting the female community in the gaming world, has also participated in the campaign.

And it is that according to a statement from the brand, 60% of young girls and 62% of adult women do not feel represented in video games. More than a third of the girls are affected by their self-esteem and 74% of the women consulted would like video games to be more inclusive.

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