“Dream Gap”: Barbie wants to end gender inequality

“Dream Gap” by Barbie is a project that wants to end gender inequality from a young age.

We like the turn that Mattel is making to its communication regarding its most popular brand: Barbie. She has listened to all those voices that criticized the promotion of inequality to establish themselves as standard-bearers of the feminist movement.

Now, to celebrate the International Day of the Girl, they have launched a new global advertising campaign. A project for us to reflect on the education we give our children and encourage respect for them.

Dream Gap de Barbie

The project is called “Dream Gap” and is based on a very powerful speech narrated by girls from around the world. It is based on a study that shows that girls stop believing at 5 years that they can become scientists, presidents, engineers or CEO of large companies.

Some of the reasons are that girls have three times fewer options to receive a scientific toy than a child; or that parents when they search on Google do so with the terms “Does my child have talent?” instead of using the feminine one.

“Dream Gap” by Barbie is a campaign designed to change the habits of parents regarding their children and that they are free to follow their path without being stigmatized by society. The initiative has a microsite to give information, advice and help to transform society.

And is that the normalization of gender equality is something that companies are betting on.



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