God of War Ragnarok commercial starring Ben Stiller

The God of War: Ragnarok commercial brings together great stars to talk about fatherhood in a humorous way. One of the most anticipated games of the year is about to be released. We’re talking about “God of War: Ragnarok”, a…

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The Sony Walkman celebrates 40 years reviewing its history

The Sony Walkman celebrates 40 years of innovation. Before Apple and Samsung, the technology was dominated by other companies. An era where hardware predominated over software, and companies fought to bring to the market the most innovative product possible. Thus,…

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Spider-man grabs coffee in a Starbucks

To promote ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’, Sony Pictures and Starbucks have done this fun hidden camera prank in New York. Spider-man grabs coffee in a Starbucks. The last marketing action of Sony Pictures to promote the Spider-man movie is a prank with hidden camera in New…

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