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The emotional Gillette’s commercial: “First Shave”

Gillette’s ad evokes the first shave that many men have done in their lives.

Gillette continues with its controversial advertising campaign. Its premiere with “The best a man can get” giving a twist to his concept created more than 30 years ago burned social networks with many detractors.

The reason? The adaptation of the slogan to the times that are running and everything a man can be today. An initiative that many beauty brands are adapting, thus capturing the feeling of society.

Now Gillette presents us with “First Shave”, an ad with which he does not want to leave anyone indifferent. In his quest to redefine masculinity, we see how a young transsexual learns to shave for the first time with his father: “I always knew it would be different, but I did not know there was a term for the type of person I was.”

Gillette wants to make it clear that it does not matter where, when or how it happens. When your father teaches you how to shave for the first time, it is always special.

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