Glad’s trash bags made a product torture test in airports

Glad’s trash bags undergo a “torture test” at USA airports.

The word that best defines the marketing action of Glad’s trash bags is “peculiar”. They have done a test of stress to the product through the airports of the United States to prove its durability.

Glad is a brand of “The Glad Products Company“, a company specialized in trash bags and “tuppers” for food. To present their new ForceFlex Plus product with Advanced Protection, they decided to perform a peculiar stress test.

Stress tests are usually performed to check the strength and durability of the product; subjecting it to disproportionate uses to check where the limit is before breaking it. Glad has called them “Torture Test”.

Bolsas de Basura Glad: Torture Test

And this “torture test” has consisted of demonstrating that garbage bags can survive the airports luggage circuit. It is known the abuse that (some) airport workers carry out luggage. Through built-in cameras we can see the blows, shaking and swings that Glad’s bag suffers. Thus the product has survived not one, but a lot of airports in the United States.

The marketing action ends with the slogan “If it can handle this, it can handle your trash”. This shows us that Glad garbage bags have a high level of durability. A way to present the benefits of the product in a different and original way.

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