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Google’s ad prompts us to search for answers with “Hands Raised”

Anuncio de Google | Hands Raised

“Hands Raised” is the title of the Google ad narrated by player Marcus Rashford and prompts us to search for answers.

Google’s advertising campaigns are usually scarce but of high quality. Like “Loretta”, one of the best Super Bowl ads and one that advertised the Google Assistant tool. Or the summaries of the year that the tech giant gives us every December.

Now, they have carried out an advertising campaign to encourage us to seek answers about everything that worries us in life.

Google’s commercial is titled “Hands Raised” and was made by London’s Uncommon agency. In it, we see a series of social situations that arouse curiosity and search for answers on Google. Questions like “What is a Ceilidh” or “How to control someone”.

We have all witnessed a celebration or cultural tradition and we have become closer. Google’s campaign normalizes cultural curiosity and encourages us to ask questions without fear of being judged.

The Google ad is narrated by Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford. An example of how to be a catalyst and a figure that inspires many young people. “The more we learn, the closer we get.” And it encourages us not to be afraid and to ask questions, to satisfy your curiosity and to be interested in other cultures. The ad ends with: “It is not our questions that define us, it is what we do with the answers.”

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