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Google’s emotional advert summarizes 25 years of searches

"25 years in a search" summarizes the entire history of Google

Anuncio de Google | 25 Years in a Review

Google’s advert is a retrospective on how the world has changed since its 25th anniversary.

It is customary that, at the end of the year, big brands look back on what happened. Especially social networks and brands like Facebook or YouTube, with their famous Rewind. Or services like Spotify remind us what has been listened to the most on their platform.

One of the most anticipated summaries is usually the one from Google. Every year, their #YearInAReview compiles all the events of the year. But this time the Mountain View company wanted to go one step further and celebrate its 25th anniversary by remembering how history has changed.

“25 Years in a Search” is the title of the Google advert that summarizes the 25 years of the American multinational. It is the typical video that has been made every year thanks to data from Google Trends, a Google service that was launched in 2004. But there is a period of time between the founding of the company, in 1998, that this data does not cover.

Thus, Google’s ad captures historical events under the heading of “most searched.” Of course, the brand points out that the events do not fairly fit the most searched criteria.

So, we have the man landing on the moon, the beginnings of MTV, one of the first viral challenges like “Ice Bucket Challenge” or performances by Tina Tuner, among others. The brand has also launched a game inspired by the classic “Where’s Wally?” titled “Most Searched Playground Doodle” where you have to find those hidden “doodles”.

The campaign will adapt to new formats such as TikTok or Instagram Reels, with short-form videos of specific artists and icons.

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