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Google’s emotional recap of the year: “Year in Search 2021”

Resumen del Año de Google | Year in Search 2021

Google’s recap of the year is an emotional piece that encourages us to keep looking for answers.

Google has been summarizing the year for more than two decades. “Year in Search” is a small time capsule with the events that captured the world’s attention in that particular year. A unique take on the spirit of the age by looking at the words that appeared most frequently in search bars around the world.

Last year, for example, most Internet users asked “Why?” as they tried to find meaning in the face of the catastrophic global events that defined 2020. This year’s data reflects that the world is moving forward and looking for ways forward.

“Year in Search 2021” is Google’s summary of the year. It is a two-minute long ad that has been screened internationally and will be translated into more than 50 languages. With emotional music, people’s speech during the year and real images we see the most influential moments of the year. A year in which mental health, mental well-being and personal care are the main protagonists. Many of the events featured in Google’s recap of the year emphasize the need to bounce back from the grueling 2020. But they also show people who have experienced a lot of joys in the past year.

The piece balances the most complicated cases during the pandemic such as health workers to leading sports figures who speak openly about mental health. But it also offers glimpses of hope for small communities to get it all done. All mixed with other questions and doubts about whether or not there will be another blockade or how to honor those loved ones.

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