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Guinness snow boots with beer-shaped soles

The AMV BBDO agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Foot Pints | Botas de Guinness para anda por la nieve

Guinness’s boots have been designed to leave a trail of footprints all the way to the pub.

If there is an iconic beer brand in the world of advertising, it is undoubtedly Guinness. The popular Irish black beer was founded in 1759 and has been in the popular imagination since then thanks to its insistent communication.

Now they have launched an original initiative to lead the way to pubs. And they have done it by creating snow boots with the sole in the shape of their characteristic pint-shaped glass. These boots leave unmistakable footprints that will guide you to the next pub.

“Foot Pints” is the name given to Guinness boots. It is a play on words between “Pints” and “Prints” and they are made so that the sole is shaped like a pint of beer.

The campaign has been created by the AMV BBDDO agency and they have presented the product by playing with the narrative and visual codes of sneaker commercial communication: A small 360º presentation of the footwear, with a zoom on the sole to later show us how it works in situ. The message “Pave your way to the pub” crowns the advertising campaign.

According to Jennifer Gleeson, Senior Brand Manager: “Building on our famous Christmas footprint sign, we are launching this fun campaign highlighting the iconic way a Guinness is served as we celebrate the festive season and the pubs that play a key role in the culture and communion, especially during the winter.”


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