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A funny Heinz’s Super Bowl campaign

The Rethink agency has carried out the action to avoid confusion with the Roman numerals of the event

Campaña de Heinz para la Super Bowl 2023

Heinz’s Super Bowl campaign is a fun action about the confusion of the Roman numerals in the edition of the event.

The Super Bowl is here and with it, one of the great events of the year… for advertising lovers. And it is that advertising in the Super Bowl is synonymous with a strong brand, so every minute of the event is paid at the price of gold.

That is why many brands try to take advantage before the day of the show to start carrying out small actions that stand out since they are left out of the media noise. This is the case of Heinz, the popular brand of sauces that has a very special identification with this edition of the Super Bowl.

“LVII means 57” is the title of Heinz’s Super Bowl campaign. It has been carried out by the Rethink agency and will be published through outdoor advertising, social networks and the web.

The idea is based on the premise that the Super Bowl has for listing its editions with Roman numerals. Thus, the 57th edition to be held on February 12 is announced as the “LVII Super Bowl”, some Roman numerals that arouse confusion in ordinary people. And it is that following them in their first 30 numbers is a simple task but when we reach higher numbers things get complicated.

A curious coincidence is that the number 57 is exactly the number of sauces that Heinz makes. A milestone that the brand is in charge of remembering in its packaging. It was its creator, Henry J. Heinz, who chose it at the end of the 19th century to highlight the varieties that the brand manufactured.

Heinz’s Super Bowl campaign reflects the confusion and frustration of fans who don’t understand why Roman numerals are used at the event. With the hashtag #LVIIMeanz57 the brand wants to generate debate on social networks.

According to Alyssa Cicero, Heinz Brand Manager: “The use of such impractical Roman numerals always causes anger and perplexity among fans. The 57th edition of the event is the best time for Heinz to use his iconic and trademarked number 57 in order to to modernize this custom. We know that the fans care about the issue and we want to offer them a platform to show their frustration.”

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