H&M creates an island in Animal Crossing with Maisie Williams as ambassador

H&M crea una isla en Animal Crossing

H&M creates an island in Animal Crossing: The “H&M Looop Island” where you can interact with the brand and share opinions.

To attract the new generations, it is clear that brands must innovate in their marketing strategies. Carrying out original and innovative advertising actions on new platforms such as Twitch, Spotify or TikTok is a way to reach those users who reject traditional advertising.

This is the case of the clothing brand H&M, which has created an island in Animal Crossing, the “H&M Looop Island” where the Swedish brand will sell the benefits of its new “Looop” clothing recycling machine. And for this he has chosen a luxury ambassador: the actress Maisie Williams, aka “Arya” in Game of Thrones.

And why did H&M create an island in Animal Crossing? According to Pascal Brun, global sustainability manager at H&M: “Being part of this initiative together with Maisie Williams to promote change in the fashion industry and recycling garments that are no longer used is something that H&M has many ambitions invested in. The future fashion has to be different and we want to be part of the solution. ”

What is the H&M “Looop” machine

The machine that H&M promotes in Animal Crossing is called the “Looop” and uses old clothes to recycle them into new outfits. Those who visit the island of H&M in Animal Crossing will be able to learn more about recycling, interact with the brand and share opinions about the circular fashion that the Swedish brand proclaims. Players will also be able to recycle their avatars to get stylish new outfits.

As an ambassador, actress Maisie Wiliams has been chosen to star in the H&M advertising campaign. To integrate it into Animal Crossing, the Goodbye Kansas Studio has made an avatar that will be known as “Avatar Maisie” and will attend us when we arrive on the island of H&M in Animal Crossing.

Maisie Williams will be the H&M ambassador in different initiatives to promote the new sustainability in the world of fashion, both in the real world and on the island of Animal Crossing.

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