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‘Insomnie Tweets’: An Ikea Social Media campaign against insomnia

‘Insomnie Tweets’ is an Ikea Social Media campaign against insomnia among Twitter.

We liked this Ikea Social Media Campaign against insomnia in Twitter maked in Paris. Titled ‘Insomnie Tweets’ is a campaign against insomnia that rewards those who can not sleep with a new mattress. The campaign is curious and original.

Ikea Social Media campaign

And it is that many are difficult to sleep at night and expose their reasons on Twitter, in an attempt to engage in conversation with someone who is going through the same process of none sleep. The Swedish brand detected a high number of threads related to the hashtag #Insomnie and has decided to help as much as possible to all those who had trouble falling asleep.

The Ikea Social Media Campaign starts between 1:00 am and 5:00 am. All those who tweets with hashtags #Insomnie y #TeamInsomniaque in the city of Paris will participate in a conquest where 3 selected users will win a news mattres deliver the same night in his house.

An original and creative way to ‘reward’ those who have a hard time sleeping at night and a good contribution to fight insomnia from Ikea.


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