The funny Intermarché advert: “The taste of colors”

“The taste of colors” is the new funny Intermarché advert campaign.

Color is part of our lives and affects our state of mind. It has the ability to grant us a state of calm or to alter you in a negative way depending on the context.

We associate the colors in sight, but the truth is that these influence other aspects of our life. And is that we are able to make a prior idea of an object just by seeing its color.

Color also plays a decisive factor in the purchase process through neuromarketing. These are able to influence our decision to buy one product or another when presented in the supermarket shelf. And to demonstrate the importance of colors, Intermarché has made this funny advert campaign entitled “The taste of colors”.

Publicidad de Intermarché - The Taste of Colors

For this they made a test with several people and different products. They try ice creams and yogurts and they are asked to guess the taste. The reality is that all the products are the same and the only thing that changes is the color. The result? very varied responses according to the color of the food. Red and pink colors are associated with strawberry, green with mint and orange with peach or orange.

The experiment presents “l’Essentiel”, a line of natural products that have no additives or dyes.

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