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The John Lewis Christmas advert: “Snapper the Perfect Tree”

The Saatchi & Saatchi agency takes over from Adam&eveDDB after 14 years

Anuncio de Navidad de John Lewis | The Perfect Tree

John Lewis’ Christmas advert encourages us to cultivate our own Christmas traditions.

If there is a brand that is synonymous with Christmas, it is, without a doubt, John Lewis. The Christmas advert from the British department store chain has always marked the starting signal for the Christmas campaign. It has been and is the great reference for all Anglo-Saxons for generations.

This year the piece encourages us to let our own traditions grow. It does this through a child who takes care of a carnivorous plant as it grows.

“Snapper the Perfect Tree” is the John Lewis Christmas advert made by the agency Saatchi & Saatchi. It is the first campaign after the brand decided to change agencies after 14 years with Adam&eveDDB with which it has achieved notable advertising campaigns.

The advertisement begins with the protagonist boy acquiring a small box where in theory there was the seed to plant a Christmas tree. As he grows, at home they discover to their surprise that it is a carnivorous plant, the so-called “Venus Flytrap” known for its peculiarity of catching flies.

The plant is a bit “party” and the situations become surreal, in the style of the movie “Little Shop of Horrors.” The family decides to get rid of it to plant a Christmas tree in its place.

However, when it comes time to open gifts, the plant called “Snapper” steals the show again. All to the rhythm of the song “Festa” performed by Andrea Bocelli that has been written and produced for the advertising campaign.

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