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K-Lynn proposes an original way to detect breast cancer

The Leo Burnett Dubai agency is behind the campaign that encourages self-exploration

K-Lynn - Self Check Out Campaign

“Self-Check Out” is the title of the campaign for the lingerie brand K-Lynn, which encourages all its clients to perform a breast self-examination.

The brands aimed at the female public usually launch awareness campaigns and champion the different struggles to denounce all those injustices in modern society. This is the case of the lingerie brand K-Lynn, which has set out to motivate all its clients to perform a breast self-examination.

And it is that when detecting the signs of breast cancer, self-examination and mammograms are essential to detect the disease and increase the chances of survival by 99%. To do this, the brand has launched a campaign in Arab countries by changing the photographs of its e-commerce.

“Self-Check Out” is the title of the campaign for the lingerie brand K-Lynn carried out by the Leo Burnett Dubai agency. The case study shows us that 40% of Arab women have never had a mammogram. To motivate users to perform a simple five-minute self-examination; the brand has weighed up the more than 60 minutes they spend buying clothes online.

For this, a reshoot of the entire K-Lynn collection was made for its e-commerce, showing the models doing the five steps of a breast self-exam. Thus, the users who scrolled could see the complete process and instructions to carry it out.

The results were a success: A 43% increase in web visits and a 23% increase in sales. Visits to clinics to perform a mammogram also increased by 47% and more than 40,000 women interacted with the brand on social networks.

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