Lego Adidas sneakers are a limited edition of unique sneakers

Bambas Adidas de Lego

Lego Adidas sneakers, a special edition that you don’t want to miss.

We’ve been celebrating Lego’s marketing and advertising strategy for a long time. In recent years it has focused its efforts on collaborating with other brands by launching special and limited editions. Thus, it has launched all kinds of new products such as Friends or Back to the Future boxsets or new proposals for adults such as LegoArt.

On the other hand, it has started collaborations with big brands like Ikea and now they intend to do it with Adidas. For this they have thought of launching a new collection of exclusive sneakers.

Lego’s Adidas sneakers have yet to be shown to the world. But the brands have shared a teaser offering us clues of what the design will be like. The logo of the Danish company will appear on the tongue and its famous blocks will have a special role. Lego will use its famous blocks to shape a shoe that will bear the name of model ZX8000.

The sports shoes and corporate merchandising sector is a vein that brands are beginning to exploit. Without going any further, we have the tremendous success of the Lidl slippers or the McDonald’s line of swimsuits based on their packaging.

In the teaser the date of September 25 appears as the release date, so we will be attentive to this collaboration to see the new Adidas Lego sneakers.

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