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Lego creates relaxing songs to help you build

The brand has collaborated with composer Tom Misch and electronic trio WhoMadeWho

Canciones Relajantes de Lego

“Rhythm & Bricks” is the musical genre of relaxing Lego songs that will help you disconnect from the routine.

It is common for companies to diversify their lines of business to achieve new avenues of income and not depend on their main products. This is the case of Lego, which, in an attempt to expand the range of products, looks towards other types of targets other than children.

This is how it launched its sets of products aimed at adults. Flowers, movie icons, variables from big franchises or paintings paying tribute to great artists. And to create an ideal relaxing environment to ride them, he has created a series of relaxing songs.

Lego’s relaxing songs are included in the “Rhythm & Bricks” style. It is an album consisting of nine songs and has been created by artists Tom Misch and the Danish electronic trio WhoMadeWho.

The idea of Lego is to help people relax, disconnect and de-stress to fuel creative thinking. The idea was born from research carried out by the brand, which revealed that 1 in 3 adults feels stressed at least once a week. 98% believe that music is one of the most effective methods to relax. And 8 out of 10 people believe that doing something manually satisfies them more than watching the phone or television.

After seeing the results, Lego contacted composer Tom Misch and Danish electronic trio WhoMadeWho. They proposed to create some relaxing songs that would help adults relax. According to Tom Misch: “This is a new and experimental genre that fuses the recognizable sound of LEGO bricks with other musical rhythms.”

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