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Leroy Merlin’s emotional commercial: “There’s still love somewhere”

Anuncio Leroy Merlin | There's still love somewhere

Leroy Merlin’s commercial encourages us to renew our decoration and at the same time our feelings with “There’s still love somewhere”

Leroy Merlin’s campaigns never leave us indifferent. Always spectacular, they encourage us to build a fantastic life in our new home in “A life to build”; how they encourage us to live the adventure of our lives with “Life’s Adventure”.

Now they encourage us to renew our feelings and give a new opportunity to those dreams and desires that we had when we started together. And it does so with an emotional announcement where the couple and the house is the center of our well-being.

Leroy Merlin’s commercial is titled “There’s still love somewhere.” It was made by the BETC agency, which runs the Leroy Merlin account in France. The protagonists discover that their relationship is expired like the decoration of their house. To avoid this, they engage in a renewal that will lead them to renew their relationship. The discovery of the heart is an epiphany that makes them realize that their relationship is as worn out as the decoration of their house.

According to the BETC agency: “At a time when people spend more time at home, feeling good at home is more important than ever. With this new ad, the brand illustrates with poetry, magic and emotions on the surface how the decoration of our home can totally change the image we have of our life. Because, after all, taking care of our house is taking care of ourselves. “

The protagonists of the ad are the French Jason Causse and the Spanish Alba Solé, a couple in reality and whose feelings have been translated into a special sensitivity. The soundtrack is provided by Aime Simone and her song “Shining Light”.

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