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Levi’s energetic advert: “Buy Better. Wear Longer”

The campaign has been carried out by the AKQA agency and produced by Iconoclast

Anuncio de Levi's | Buy Better Wear Longer

The Levi’s advert is a tribute to the brand’s most famous pants: the 501.

Many of the fashion designers, when asked what piece of clothing they would like to have created, many give the same answer: jeans. And it is that this piece of fabric is, without a doubt, the most popular when it comes to making clothes.

And if we think of jeans, the first brand that comes to mind is Levi’s and its model 501. In fact, they were the inventors of the model in 1873 when Jacob Devis and Levi Strauss patented it in San Francisco. Now, for its latest advertising campaign, the brand is paying homage to its most popular piece: the 501.

“Buy Better. Wear Longer” (“Buy better. Take them longer”) is the title of the Levi’s advert. It has been created by the AKQA San Francisco agency and produced by Iconoclast.

The starting point of the campaign begins in the 60s when a boy buys them in a store. Then a journey through time begins where the pants go through different owners, situations and states until they reach our days.

According to Karen Riley-Grant, Levi’s Global Marketing Director: “The campaign speaks to the heritage and durability of Levi’s. A pair of jeans ages beautifully and can captivate generation after generation with small changes. They are timeless and always in style. It doesn’t matter what decade it is.”

The campaign aims to encourage consumers to shop wisely and wear their clothes longer; all in order to generate a lower environmental impact. For its part, the brand uses fabrics that need less water for their creation; and has opened a second-hand clothing store called “Second Hand.”

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