The Makro labels that mark the maturation of the fruits

Gray Colombia is in charge of the advertising campaign

“Life Extending Stickers” are Makro’s labels to avoid food waste.

When it comes to shopping, the state of the fruit is one of the key factors that makes us decide on one piece or another. If the fruit is too green or too ripe, we discard it and contribute to the waste of food, something that we must avoid at all costs.

It is the intention of the Makro supermarket chain with this original action carried out in its establishments. The idea? Give us advice and recommendations on what to do with green or ripe fruit.

“Life Extending Stickers” is the title of the Makro labels placed on the pieces of fruit. Depending on the degree of maturation, the label will give us some advice on what to do with it. For example, if a banana is very ripe we can make cakes. Or if a papaya is very green we can combine it with a lemonade.

Depending on the state of the piece of fruit, the label will be different and with it, the uses that we can give it at home. Thanks to this action carried out by Gray Colombia, it is estimated that the average life of fruit and vegetables in establishments has been extended by six days. This means that during the week we have avoided throwing 70 fewer tons of food in the trash.

According to Juan Yepes, marketing director of Makro Colombia about Makro labels: “We wanted to generate a simple but powerful change in people’s behavior, to educate about the responsible consumption of fruits and vegetables. The idea was that when the appearance of fruits and vegetables is not “perfect”, that is the stage in which they become more delicious, but people miss it for preconceived aesthetic reasons.”

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