KFC’s innovative marketing campaign on Spotify

KFC’s original Spotify marketing campaign hacking artists’ accounts

Throughout all our campaign analyzes, we are warning you: advertising evolves in a dizzying way. Creatives are constantly adapting to new formats, new social networks and must be up to date to learn about new trends. A rhythm of adaptation like never before and that makes today’s experts the trainees tomorrow.

New actors break into the picture to change the way consumers understand. An example is advertising in esports, which we have talked about so much. Or how to deal with marketing strategies in Tik Tok, Twitch or Instagram. There are great examples of brands that have known how to communicate are their audience. Burger King and his ingenious Instagram Stories, Post-It campaign with their custom remarketing banners or McDonald’s creating playlists on Spotify.

Precisely this music service is the protagonist of the KFC campaign, which has managed to strain advertising on Spotify Premium. Let’s see how.

“Anything but ordinary ” is the KFC Spotify marketing campaign in the Middle East. Created by the agency Memac Ogilvy & Mather, it was released due to the presentation of the limited edition Kentucky Burger. For this they have introduced advertising in Spotify Premium. Remember that the premium version of the music service is characterized by not having any advertising. Thus, they have become the first brand to place advertising, and in a rather ingenious way.

The brand partnered with several artists from the region such as Flipperachi, Moh Flow and Shébani. But they did it in a subtle way, retouching the images of the artists to introduce references to the new hamburger. The photos of the biography were retouched, the events and their distance to a KFC were announced and even playlists of the campaign were made.

An ingenious way to carry out publicity collaborating with the artists safeguarding the visual identity of each one.

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