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McDonald’s Delivery captures the exact moment of happiness

DDB Colombia has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Campanya de McDonald's Delivery

“A second of happiness” is the title of the McDonald’s Delivery campaign that captures real images.

In recent years home delivery has hit a boom to which all companies have ended up climbing. The rise of apps such as Glovo or UberEats has democratized the delivery of food to home for all restaurants and the large chains have ended up succumbing to avoid losing customers.

One of them is McDonald’s, always reluctant to delivery because it considered that the experience was not complete if it was not consumed in one of its restaurants. But step by step they have been opening this division to offer their customers a home delivery option.

“A Second of Happiness” by McDonald’s Delivery

“A second of happiness” is the McDonald’s Delivery campaign carried out in Colombia by the DDB affiliate. In the Latin American country, the home delivery service has become very important and for the launch of this service, the multinational has carried out this genuine advertising campaign.

The idea? try to capture that moment of happiness that consumers have when the order arrives at home. To do this, they incorporated cameras in the caps of the delivery people to be able to capture the moment. The campaign is made up of authentic and candid photos captured by McDelivery workers.

Campanya de McDonald's Delivery

In total, hundreds of photographs have been taken to carry out the McDonald’s Delivery campaign. The arduous selection and legal permission of the protagonists have been part of the campaign process, which has been complemented by the moments in which the most iconic images in history were photographed.

According to the DDB Colombia agency, in a statement: “This action made it possible to demonstrate that happiness sometimes only takes a second. The McDelivery workers were in charge of taking hundreds of photographs of different people in their homes and workplaces, the best were selected for the campaign. These photos have all the legal permissions and rights assigned by the people”.

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